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Product questions

No, all of our engravings will appear shiny and silver. The stainless steel underneath the powder coating shows through after our laser engraver physically removes that outer powder coated finish on the tumbler/bottle.

No, in time the excessive heat from the dishwasher COULD ruin the vacuum insulation and your product will not retain the cold or hot temperatures. Maintaining temperatures is what the cups excel at so dishwashing puts that feature at risk. The heat from the dishwasher can also potentially warp the plastic lids as well.

Yes and No.The following products fit into cupholders: 20 oz standard tumblers, 20 oz skinny tumblers, 30 oz tumblers, and 18 oz water bottles. The 32 oz water bottles DO NOT fit into cupholders.

At the present time, no, what you see on our website is what we have available to you. We would love your feedback and welcome your suggestions for additional colors/styles, so please message us and let us know what else you’d like to see in our shop!

Processing time

We typically complete orders within a few days, often they ship out by the next day and sometimes are even finished the day of purchase! However, once we get it in the hands of the mail carrier the rest of the timeline is out of our control. Most of our customers are very pleased with the speed in which they receive their orders.

Because we are a small family run business out of our home larger orders naturally take a little longer for us. There are other factors that affect processing time as well, such as number of sides engraved, complexity of your request, and number of open orders at the time of your purchase. During busier times we try to complete orders in the order in which we receive them, but we ALWAYS work hard to get your order to you ASAP, regardless of the details of your order.


Yes! We try to show our appreciation for your business by offering discounts for larger orders. Please reach out for specifics as we have different price points for different amounts.

Unfortunately we cannot do that. We have done our research and know our prices are competitive. While we can sympathize with you trying to find the lowest price, we know you will not be disappointed by the quality of our product.


Great, we love the endless possibilities engraving offers! If you have only an idea you can select “Custom Art/Logo” from the dropdown menus and CLEARLY explain what you want engraved in the text box when ordering. If you have a clear background vector file (.png or .svg) you would simply select the number of sides you want us to engrave, explain it in the text box, and upload your file before you checkout.

Email it to us prior to ordering and we’ll let you know. If it is a file compatible with our machine you order one or two sided engraving and explain. If it requires extra changes on our part to make it workable we’ll have you select “Custom Art/Logo” before you order


Because we are just like you! We shop around and look for the best deals we can. We know that if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is! Our products are made in the same way as the leading big name brands and use the same materials. We love our finished products and aim to provide you with an excellent and worth-while buying experience!

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